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Rodolfo Valentin is the Worst


as seen in

Rodolfo valentin complaints search results.

Competitors are trying very hard to push down best hair stylist in United States which salons are named as best salon in the world.
Everything posted by them are so obviously fake ~!
They are using names that I don’t think so any Rodolfo Valentin customer will never use! like ALASKA, DONNA C, CASSANDRA K??? what these names are?
Rodolfo Valentin customers are “Margo Catsimatidis” one of the solid bases of the New York City society!. His name is mixed with Sofia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor or Grace Kelly! but Alaska?? Come on competitors be more creative!

Abusing of the keyword Rodolfo valentin complaints , Rodolfo valentin complaints. rodolfovalentincomplaints, over and over again is not getting them to nowhere!

Best Hair Extension Salons for Great Hair Extensions

great hair extensions

great hair extensions by the best hair extension salons

Best Hair Extension Salons takes extraordinary attention for regulars that are no habitués to longer hair before having on hair extensions, or have experienced hair extensions in the preceding years. Of course special care is also taken with customers that are accustomed to handling their elongated locks and commonly have no problems related with the use of hair additions. To novices there is another matter, this is the reason why Rodolfo Valentin workforce makes accessible all the indispensable documents as showing in their “how to care” brochure and clearly explains the procedures to consumers that are unaccustomed to hair extensions. There is an extensive talk in how to perform the perfect maintenance for their investment. It is also showing at Rodolfo Valentin hair extension salons websites associated to hair before and after hair extensions care articles.

Symptomatically most of the hair additions in easy reach in the beauty manufacturing business are cast-off with anxiety, predominantly as quickly as hair extensions are fastened following hair dye services, sometimes generating injury to the individual natural hair as a result of the elements that are residues leftward on their hairs. Consuming hair infusion additions from the best hair extension salons of Rodolfo Valentin is an entire diverse stuff. Here is not any weakness or any other reason to do not have it premeditated hair color service before having the hair infusion added. The safety implicate here is that the keratin organic component used to link together the natural and the foreign hair is indeed a biotic component. Find more information at our Stumble-Upon website page, or visit “Best Hair Extension Salons” site.

The New York Society Hair Stylist, Rodolfo Valentin

Celebrity Hair Stylist Tips

Celebrity hair stylist, Rodolfo Valentin, named by the press as the New York Society Hair Stylist.

The unification of Andrea John Catsimatidis to Christopher Nixon Cox at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Cathedral on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in fact happening long ahead of this date. The duo was intended to be as one. Theirs is not just a wedding made in paradise but what’s more the bringing as one of two people looking at living in the similar way. Born and raised in philanthropic and political families, they see and experience life the same way. Their chemistry was undeniable from almost the moment they met, according to the bride’s parents, John and Margo Catsimatidis. The couple’s pathway first passes through in the spring of 2008 when Chris Cox was at the Hewitt School, where Andrea Catsimatidis-Cox was a senior at the instance, for a political event that also integrated Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney.

The bride and groom’s relationship is profoundly seed in their fervor about their nation and assembling a variation in the world, feelings that are philosophical of how they were both raised in relatives who have physically powerful family principles and have been dedicated to each for a long time. Cox’s parents, Patricia (Tricia) Nixon Cox and Edward Finch Cox were married 40 years ago in a White House Rose Garden Ceremony.
The wedding dress also had Andrea’s personality. She had been designing a gown to be made by Reem Acra who has designed for Eva Longoria. Andrea knew she was the designer who could understand her dream of the ideal wedding dress. As Acra says, “It was delightful to work with Andrea.

The journey was ongoing before time for the bridal party who were all at the Waldorf to get organized. The Catsimatidis family had all resided there the night previous to the event as did many of their out-of-town visitors as the wedding welcome was also being held there that late afternoon. Rodolfo Valentin who has been doing the Catsimatidis family hair from several years was the responsible to make sure that everyone at the party was beautifully hair styled. After work all day long Rodolfo Valentin was there having a lot of energy left to enjoy the celebration!
Best Salon in the World
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Lady Gaga, Hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair at the Lady Gaga Salon.

Celebrity Hair Extensions – Lady Gaga

Are you one of the many currently memorized by the outlandishly attractive fashion styles of Lady Gaga, the Fame Monster? Her infamous Lady Gaga hair bows, Lady Gaga hair colors, or Lady Gaga haircuts that can only be categorized as such for such individual style.  Is this what you desire for your own look?

Lady Gaga, hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair, Lady Gaga Salon

Lady Gaga, hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair, Lady Gaga Salon

If you are one of the many searching for the “how-to’s” of the Fame Monster, you need not look further.  If you’re not within proximity of a Lady Gaga fame monster specialist, if there are any, you can come and taste the luxurious yet funky and modern styles of Rodolfo Valentin, famed top hair colorist of 2009.  Seen worldwide on the national television shows, and highly praised especially in New York City’s Madison Avenue, Rodolfo’s artistic eye has been witnessed for the first time at the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week of 2010 when he introduced Rodolfo Valentin’s Hair 2010.  Incorporating his famed iconic fashion hair pieces, his creations only enhanced the runway with a complete look instead of just potential pieces.

As an award winning hair product developer, he introduces his more “Gaga” inspired hair pieces complete with a “Gaga Bow” look.  Offering color, style, and consultation geared towards offering a funkier individual style, Rodolfo prides himself in finding the look that gets you seen and make you want to be seen!

All throughout his very successful career, scaling back thirty-five years, Rodolfo has made himself an expert of all hair fashion trends, incorporating his own creations onto the drawing board of current hair trends.  A pioneer in his field, Valentin carries with him a catalogue of styles with only potential for enhancement with each year to come.

If you’re craving the Lady Gaga look, Fame Monster effects, you can count on Rodolfo Valentin’s knowledge in celebrity hairstyles to give you your own Lady Gaga Hairstyle.

Top Salon NYC as a customer review about the New York Top Salons



Top Salon NYC by Rodolfo Valentin, as a customer remarked about the New York Top Salons in her review worthy to be read by others.
Gusty and fine-looking, the 5,000-square-foot top salon NYC of Rodolfo Valentin is a breathing space from the very chic busy Madison Avenue. The top salon NYC of Rodolfo Valentin is the home to several of NYC’s most artistic beauty professionals, this associated salon to the Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Beauty Center also named the best salon on Long Island was created because of high demand for NYC clientele 10 years ago. Currently it is the winner of the Top Salon NYC award between the top 10 salons in the USA.
Hair colorists can create from perfect 10 blonds to burgundy highlighted reds including amusing hazelnut brown shades. Patrons can rest assured that they will leave the salon with a head-turning novel color as Rodolfo Valentin famous quotation describes: “Come with the hair you have, leave with the hair you want”… There’s no need to head to other New York top salons for a world-class hair salon when one of the New York top salons is right in Madison Avenue for top quality hair services.
Rodolfo Valentin has carried his intercontinental status right to Madison Avenue in the right moment when to get good hair services turned into hunting. It’s a delight to stopover this appealing, chic salon to consult with Rodolfo Valentin himself or their staff members about what they are most famous for: hair colors, hair extensions, haircuts, hair styles, hair damage repair, medical hair loss plus much more in their endless list of hair expertise. Patrons interested in truly good hair services, may be flying to visit this Top Salon NYC from the list of the New York Top Salons for their next appointment.

New York Top Salons

Hair Before and After

Longer Hair

Ponytails at the fashion hair blog

Ponytail custom made by Rodolfo Valentin

Ponytail, ponytails, ponytails 2011

Ponytail plus ponytail hairstyles are a must for the 2011 spring – summer season!
Ponytails for long hair, ponytails for short hair, ponytails 2011 are right here, right now!.Ponytails are “in”..rush to order yours before summer begins!, it will be the hottest beauty accessory. Rodolfo Valentin can help you plus custom made one for you perfectly matching your hair color and hair texture!. Even though it’s generally indicated in the beauty world, there actually is no such item that can be named “typical ponytail.” It can be a long ponytail, a short ponytail, a curly ponytail even if your hair is straight, it can be also placed very high on the crown or in the lower neck whatever the occasion calls for. Summer 2011 hottest high fashion ponytails, but must be of 100% top quality hair to match the trends!…
Ponytail by Rodolfo Valentin

Hair Extensions Care – Hair Extensions Care Products – How to care hair extensions…

First of all hair extensions care requires no nasty shampoo and the kind of cleanse that will be gently with the hair extensions, if it is unscented and the most natural possible including one without color, the best it is . A good brush is also a must. But it all depends from the quality of the hair extensions, if they are of cheap value what equals to bad quality hair no matter what the precautions users can take it will tangle, dry and have a dull appearance any way!. To invest in the right hair extensions is an obligation for people that really cares for their assets. A good hair extension will be of long life while hair styling them will be an infinite pleasure, after all fashion is all a question of humor!!
Famous hair infusion extensions the exclusive trademarked hair extension technique of Rodolfo Valentin is worldwide known for provide succulent tresses instantaneously that only employs top quality hair, that have an unique feature that is reusable and distinguished for helping to looks like a perfect 10 at all times…there is no such thing as a bad hair day with hair infusion extensions.

Hair Infusion additions

hair infusions New York

Hair Infusion
Hair Extensions
Extension hair care


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