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Hair fashion, hairstyles, all about hair

Fashion designers around the world met in Asia last month, some of them were seduced by Eastern exoticism, and others were attracted by economic growth potential. In Hong Kong, where I had the pleasure of assisting at the International Beauty Show last June, all the European and Asiatic “ins” were present. Their trends are her for the foreseeable future.

Hair fashions, like a clothes, are getting bodied, and the very flat, straight look is completely out. The words to watch calls for easy, fluid, gentle, airy, sensual, aggressive and unexpectedly hairy.

The current hair trend has been replaced by a smooth serenity but with volume, achieve by layered haircuts.

Rodolfo Valentin and Brooke Shields. Fashion is dominated by layered haircuts. Hair is simple by day, yes, but at night the do is sophisticated, even elaborate, a must for those special occasions.

From the 60’s, the French has adopted the famous, very short style called ‘Garcon”. Smart Parisians are also fond of the feminine, face-framing, long-layered look favored by the Italians.

While the Italians have proposed two extremes, the very long sexy look, full of swing and movement, and the medium short cut-perky, cute and practical. The latter is also favored by British hair stylists.
Hair coloring has changed. A flat hair color, straight from the bottle, is to be avoided. Now, hair color is warm with highlights of brighter pigmentation, even in the darkest browns, which now have a gold-chestnut reflection. Multi-tone highlights have amplified the palette of the hair colorist and reduced the aggressive shades from the lightest to the darkest. The key words are ‘exciting naturals”.
Of course, the new lines and hair colors cannot be realized if the hair is not healthy. Remember that if you hair is unhealthy it cannot be beautiful.

Hello world!

  • Margo Catsimatidis, Princess Yasmin and Rodolfo Valentin
    Margo Catsimatidis, Princess Yasmin and Rodolfo Valentin

    Winner of the Hair coloring techniques award- Milano / Italy 2002

  • Named by the press as the “King of Hair coloring”
  • Winner of the Best of Citysearch
  • Named “Top hair colorist 2010″ , by NYC Guide
  • Winner of the Grand Design Award
  • Trademark owner of the “Hair infusion extensions”
  • Designer of the first hair prosthesis in the world

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