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This season, forget about the subtle-as-the-sun highlights and gentle cover-the-gray rinses.  If recent spring runway shows are any indication of the next big thing, expect hair to start showing its colors – vividly.

In Paris, fashion designers streaked models’ hair silver to match the metallic rings piercing their navels and noses … at Carita’s hair salon in the glamorous Rue de Faubourg, the French supermodels arrived backstage with armfuls of Technicolor wigs … at Chanel they wore cartoon-bright hairpieces fashioned into amusing pony tails.

In Milan, the model’s hair team powered the elaborate 18th century  inspired coiffures of their romantic heroines to a dusty, chalky finish with no-fuss dry shampoo … in New York the top designers are outfitting models with long diffusions of hair color.

Today’s formulas are so gentle and safe that you cannot go too wrong, as long as you stay with shade close to, but warmer than, your actual color.  A conditioning color enhancer that has no peroxide or ammonia will not damage light hair and washes out in six to eight shampoos.

I am a friendly user of “Quick Color” and enhancing shampoos.  They cleanse and impart a hint of color to natural hair while keeping color-treated hair fresh between salon visits.

Among the creative color infusing shampoos from Mitchell there are eight shades including violet for platinum, white and gray hair, and midnight blue for brunettes.  Also note enhancing color shampoos that also protect the hair with a sunscreen.

Temporary color is a modern way to think about styling hair.  You can just wash it out and do something different the next day, like those colored hair gels which completely or subtly change your hair color, depending on how much you use.  It works for the hair like lipstick for your lips. 

But no-commitment, inexpensive change is only for do-it-yourselfers.  The breaking news in highlighting is color applied to the ends only … difficult, more expensive.  A good technician will make it better.

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