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Lady Gaga, hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair, Lady Gaga Salon

Are you one of the many currently memorized by the outlandishly attractive fashion styles of Lady Gaga, the Fame Monster? Her infamous Lady Gaga hair bows, Lady Gaga hair colors, or Lady Gaga haircuts that can only be categorized as such for such individual style.  Is this what you desire for your own look?

If you are one of the many searching for the “how-to’s” of the Fame Monster, you need not look further.  If you’re not within proximity of a Lady Gaga fame monster specialist, if there are any, you can come and taste the luxurious yet funky and modern styles of Rodolfo Valentin, famed top hair colorist of 2009.  Seen worldwide on the national television shows, and highly praised especially in New York City’s Madison Avenue, Rodolfo’s artistic eye has been witnessed for the first time at the Mercedez Benz Fashion Week of 2010 when he introduced Rodolfo Valentin’s Hair 2010.  Incorporating his famed iconic fashion hair pieces, his creations only enhanced the runway with a complete look instead of just potential pieces.

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga salon, hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair,

Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga salon, hair Lady Gaga, Lady Gaga hair,

As an award winning hair product developer, he introduces his more “Gaga” inspired hair pieces complete with a “Gaga Bow” look.  Offering color, style, and consultation geared towards offering a funkier individual style, Rodolfo prides himself in finding the look that gets you seen and make you want to be seen!

All throughout his very successful career, scaling back thirty-five years, Rodolfo has made himself an expert of all hair fashion trends, incorporating his own creations onto the drawing board of current hair trends.  A pioneer in his field, Valentin carries with him a catalogue of styles with only potential for enhancement with each year to come.

If you’re craving the Lady Gaga look, Fame Monster effects, you can count on Rodolfo Valentin’s knowledge in celebrity hairstyles to give you your own Lady Gaga Hairstyle.

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