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Top Salon NYC as a customer review about the New York Top Salons



Top Salon NYC by Rodolfo Valentin, as a customer remarked about the New York Top Salons in her review worthy to be read by others.
Gusty and fine-looking, the 5,000-square-foot top salon NYC of Rodolfo Valentin is a breathing space from the very chic busy Madison Avenue. The top salon NYC of Rodolfo Valentin is the home to several of NYC’s most artistic beauty professionals, this associated salon to the Rodolfo Valentin Long Island Beauty Center also named the best salon on Long Island was created because of high demand for NYC clientele 10 years ago. Currently it is the winner of the Top Salon NYC award between the top 10 salons in the USA.
Hair colorists can create from perfect 10 blonds to burgundy highlighted reds including amusing hazelnut brown shades. Patrons can rest assured that they will leave the salon with a head-turning novel color as Rodolfo Valentin famous quotation describes: “Come with the hair you have, leave with the hair you want”… There’s no need to head to other New York top salons for a world-class hair salon when one of the New York top salons is right in Madison Avenue for top quality hair services.
Rodolfo Valentin has carried his intercontinental status right to Madison Avenue in the right moment when to get good hair services turned into hunting. It’s a delight to stopover this appealing, chic salon to consult with Rodolfo Valentin himself or their staff members about what they are most famous for: hair colors, hair extensions, haircuts, hair styles, hair damage repair, medical hair loss plus much more in their endless list of hair expertise. Patrons interested in truly good hair services, may be flying to visit this Top Salon NYC from the list of the New York Top Salons for their next appointment.

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4 Responses

  1. When searching for the top salons on Long Island I found Long Island Beauty Center as the best salon on Long Island as seen in the best of Long Island press. I must say, this place is out of this world!. From hair to skin care to body care, they do all and it is “perfect 10″, all they do! The premises are so beautiful, that probably there is no other salon that can be comparing to this one in earth. The staff very friendly, even the habitués are nice!.

  2. I got at this best salon on Long Island the best hair extensions I can ever get anywhere. I have visited most places around New York and this is the only one I will ever let touch my hair!.

  3. Rodolfo Valentin is not only one of the top 10 salons, it is the top of the top of the top 10 salons, just the best!

  4. As one of the New York Top Salons, all hair services at Rodolfo Valentin are superb including hair color and their famous hair extensions.

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