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NYC Top salons 2011

NYC Top salons 2011 award winner, Rodolfo Valentin

NYC Top salons 2011 - Hair New Era - Rodolfo Valentin award winner

Rodolfo Valentin is the winner of the NYC Top salons 2011 award !. This year, has been a very special year for celebrity hair stylist Rodolfo Valentin. Some of the hair guru big accomplishments comprise being also the winner of the “Best Hair Extension Salons” by NYC Guide, the official hair stylist of the New York Fashion Show and the hair stylist of the 2010 Top Model Alisar Alibouni!.
Rodolfo Valentin Directory
NYC Top salons award winner

Fashionable Rodolfo Valentin hair styles are worldwide known!

Unbelievable reports of Rodolfo Valentin hair expertise is growing all over New York, all over the United States and all over the world!. At any moment and anytime, patrons of this hair salon recognized as one of the top 10 hair salons in the world, have visitors from places far as Dubai, Rome and Bombay. Several reasons are attracting such an international clientele like hair loss given the excellent quality of Rodolfo Valentin custom made, handmade wigs using top quality 100% percent human hair. Others attracted by the famous hair infusion extensions proven to be by the medical world for the high level of safety that they confers to the natural hair of the receiver, and the rest for the wonderful hair colorists that have been the beneficiaries of the Top hair colorists NYC.
Currently Rodolfo Valentin is listed as the top 10 hair salons NYC by Hair New Era.

Top hair salons - Top hair salon - NYC top hair salon- Top hair salon NYC

Top hair salons - Top hair salon - NYC top hair salon- Top hair salon NYC

Hair – Simply hair…

Reminiscent of ancient Rome, this exquisite multi-level salon and day spa provides a myriad of luxurious services, amenities and products.  From spa cuisine served station-side or in a French bistro, to individual flat panel televisions and internet access, everything has been created with ultimate comfort and pampering in mind.  Its creation is based on its founder, Rodolfo Valentin, who took an interesting path to get there.

Natives of Buenos Aires, Valentin’s parents had always expected their son to become a surgeon. But Rodolfo had a different idea; he was building his foundation for a career in hair design.  Through years of styling his friends’ and family’s hair, he knew that hair was his true calling and passion.  It was not until his mother, Sofia, was diagnosed with breast cancer, did he choose his specialty – artificial hair additives.  Her illness inspired him to learn of the art of creating women’s hairdos using wigs, hairpieces, and extensions.  He was ultimately able to offer women what was either taken away, or never granted to them.

After being discovered by the renowned stylist, Alexandre de Paris, Rodolfo left his home in South America to study the designs that were thriving in Europe.  He dedicated himself to learning only the best of each known technique.  Once he had perfected his expertise, he decided to open his own salon, offering services that he felt were top notch.  Referred to by The New York Times as, “a surgeon of hair,” he prides himself in the art of transformation. 

Valentin’s premier salon was The Long Island Beauty Center, which he opened in Cedarhurst.  Three floors of Old World-inspired architecture, manned by his talented staff, offer just about any aesthetic service one might desire. The salon is fully equipped with massage rooms, water-jet massage, a whirlpool, and a team of nail and hair care specialists.  Created is a center that reflects the true ideologies of what Valentin feels a salon should be.

Further expanding his vision, he opened The New York Hair Salon & Spa on Madison Avenue in Manhattan.  He condensed the total beauty magnificence of his Cedarhurst salon, and built a beauty center that caters to the “classic New Yorker”.  Offered are hair, nails, and aesthetic services.

Hair,simply hair

Hair, simply hair

His specialty of hairpieces, wigs, and extensions led him to open yet another facet of the New York City establishment – Rodolfo Valentin’s Hair Boutique. In the privacy of the Hair Boutique, Valentin and his team are available to help restore confidence to those who suffer from hair loss, alopecia, or partial hair loss. With his exclusive products, non-surgical hair replacement solutions have become a widespread request and preferred method for women all over the world.

Among his many awards and accolades, Valentin was named winner of the Best of Citysearch 2009 and the Grand Design Award.  He has been referred to by the press as the “King of Hair Coloring,” and is the Trademark owner of the “Hair Infusion Extensions,” the only hair extension technique that will not cause damage to the natural hair.

 “Come in with the hair you have and leave with the hair you’ve always wanted,” he suggests.

Hair celebrity 2010 – Long Hair celebrity styles – Hair celebrity styles

As you know, beautiful is my favorite subject, I do not think beauty is only to be taken at face value; it also comes from within. The ideal example is the gorgeous actress Brooke Shields.
The first time I meet her was at her Broadway show back in 1994. This lovely girl, incredibly all, with the most perfect features and figure, was starring in the show “Grease” at the Eugene O’Neill Theatre with Ricky Paull Goldin.

Hair celebrity 2010 - long hair celebrity styles - hair celebrity styles -

Then, Brooke celebrated her Broadway debut with an after-theatre party at the Harley Davidson Café. In the limo, on our way to the café I could see searchlights in the night – three resplendent rainbows, illuminating the sky of Manhattan, welcoming Brooke Shields to the show.

Who was at the party? Cast members, friends, admirers, (especially Andre Agassi). Meeting Dr. Ruth, I said, “I am a hairdresser. You are a sexologist. Do you think there is any relationship between hair and sex?” She burst into laughter and said, “I promise to answer that question next time we meet.”

Another fun person was Larry Bud M. Navy who plays the role of Calvert Deforest, who gave me free advice on how to get rich. Overall, it was a pleasure to meet Brooke’s co-stars … Susan Wood, who’s voice carries such beauty and sweetness in her melodious voice (as a hairdresser, I was secretly admiring her blonde, silky hair—the kind you rarely find twice.) and my friend Ricky Paull Goldin, playing his role with even more stage power than when he opened. He reminded me more and more of John Travolta. Ricky has a lot of inner beauty and the same kind of charismatic attraction as the unforgettable James Dean…

And Brooke’s hair? She would be lovely in any style, but the wig she was wearing in the show didn’t show her at her best. Her own hair, currently, is “back-to-herself,” the deepest color for her type. (I picture her with multi-tone highlights in the darker side.) Her face still keeps the same characteristic aura of her movie, “Blue Lagoon.”

At the theatre, all the comments I heard about Brooke’s performance were admiring. She always have a very sweet personality, perhaps too sweet for Rizzo the “tough” girl she was playing then, but she is a good actress and managed it well. I think she brought even more style to an already great show.


This season, forget about the subtle-as-the-sun highlights and gentle cover-the-gray rinses.  If recent spring runway shows are any indication of the next big thing, expect hair to start showing its colors – vividly.

In Paris, fashion designers streaked models’ hair silver to match the metallic rings piercing their navels and noses … at Carita’s hair salon in the glamorous Rue de Faubourg, the French supermodels arrived backstage with armfuls of Technicolor wigs … at Chanel they wore cartoon-bright hairpieces fashioned into amusing pony tails.

In Milan, the model’s hair team powered the elaborate 18th century  inspired coiffures of their romantic heroines to a dusty, chalky finish with no-fuss dry shampoo … in New York the top designers are outfitting models with long diffusions of hair color.

Today’s formulas are so gentle and safe that you cannot go too wrong, as long as you stay with shade close to, but warmer than, your actual color.  A conditioning color enhancer that has no peroxide or ammonia will not damage light hair and washes out in six to eight shampoos.

I am a friendly user of “Quick Color” and enhancing shampoos.  They cleanse and impart a hint of color to natural hair while keeping color-treated hair fresh between salon visits.

Among the creative color infusing shampoos from Mitchell there are eight shades including violet for platinum, white and gray hair, and midnight blue for brunettes.  Also note enhancing color shampoos that also protect the hair with a sunscreen.

Temporary color is a modern way to think about styling hair.  You can just wash it out and do something different the next day, like those colored hair gels which completely or subtly change your hair color, depending on how much you use.  It works for the hair like lipstick for your lips. 

But no-commitment, inexpensive change is only for do-it-yourselfers.  The breaking news in highlighting is color applied to the ends only … difficult, more expensive.  A good technician will make it better.

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2010 Fashion Week NY: Rodolfo Valentin official hairstylist of Vassilios Kostetsos

2010 Fashion Week NY: Rodolfo Valentin official hairstylist of Vassilios Kostetsos

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2010 fashion hair trends, by Rodolfo Valentin

Mercedes Benz fashion week fall 2010, Greek fashion designer “Vassilios Kostetsos” partnered with world renounced celebrity hair designer Rodolfo Valentin for the NYC fashion week 2010.

Greek Fashion Designer Vassilios Kostetsos partnered with world renounced celebrity hair designer Rodolfo Valentin for the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 2010.

Chosen for his exceptionally talented view of creating a wonderful world of beauty and fashion, Rodolfo Valentin introduced his latest natural hair accessories line for Fashion Week February 2010 New York. Known for his custom made hair pieces and wigs, after carefully viewing the new clothing line, Rodolfo created impressive ensembles by complimenting the designs with his hair creations.

As a top hairstylist, he and his Beauty Team converted couture hair pieces into individual fashion experiences, creating a different look and theme for each design in minutes. By using his hand-crafted hairpieces, each piece was uniquely expressive in its own way, making this one of the first shows that showcased both hair and wear.

Fashion Week February 2010 could not close their doors to Bryant Park without the debut of Rodolfo Valentin’s Custom Made Hairpieces in their runways that will lead the future of fashion and hairstyles 2010.

Once again,Rodolfo Valentin has established his position as the leader of the 2010 hairstyle trends.

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  • Margo Catsimatidis, Princess Yasmin and Rodolfo Valentin
    Margo Catsimatidis, Princess Yasmin and Rodolfo Valentin

    Winner of the Hair coloring techniques award- Milano / Italy 2002

  • Named by the press as the “King of Hair coloring”
  • Winner of the Best of Citysearch
  • Named “Top hair colorist 2010″ , by NYC Guide
  • Winner of the Grand Design Award
  • Trademark owner of the “Hair infusion extensions”
  • Designer of the first hair prosthesis in the world

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