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Hair Fashion


Rodolfo Valentin has long been fashion’s favorite hair designer for the New York’s socialites as hair fashion expert. He’s responsible for some of fashion’s most iconic cuts, winner of the Grand Design Award. But you’d never guess it from the private salon and Day Spa overlooking the fashionable Madison Avenue enclosed between the windows of Chanel, Cavalli and Hermes. Stylish, young women from all zip codes come here for sleek, feminine, just-edgy-enough cuts.

Celebrity hairstylist Rodolfo Valentin

Celebrity hairstylist Rodolfo Valentin

Rodolfo Valentin, best hair color Salon of New York, NY, NYC is the winner of the hair coloring techniques award and winner of the Grand Design Award for Hair Designers, named the New York Society Hair Stylist.

Rodolfo Valentin can take you to great lengths of hair as celebrities: Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Tyra Banks, Christina Aguilera, Faith Hill, Lisa Marie Presley, Sharon Stone, Jennifer Aniston, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira or Britney Spears with his “Hair Infusion”, exclusive hair extensions technique. Rodolfo Valentin can also texture hair extensions as Diana Ross, Janet Jackson and Beyonce hair nature. Rodolfo Valentin has experiment with over 40 different types of Hair Extensions and he is the hair extensions expert that everyone tries to duplicate. We offer the best selection and service in the industry.

Very well considered media as Hair New Era and New York Hair Guide are mentioning Rodolfo Valentin as one of the best hairstylist in the world, rated 10 out of 10 by New York Magazine for 2006-2007-2008 and 2009, and 5 gold stars winner of the Best of Citysearch, and named TOP HAIR COLORIST by NYC Guide.

Our Hair Extensions Salon is Famous for our quality selection and superior reputation serving the NYC, NY, NJ, and CT area since 1984 and first in the line for brides hairstyles.

Hair, is for Rodolfo Valentin, the outcome for women’s health, and the consequences of women hair loss treatment, and thinking on the, women hair loss solutions, become the designer of the first hair cranial prosthesis, putting himself in the, women’s shoes, as it is noted in the women hair loss forum, noticing about , women hair loss products, women hair loss remedy, and women hair loss prevention. His prosthetic hairpiece, or human hair wigs, is the ideal for women hair loss remedies when baldness in women is consistent even after baldness prevention knowing the baldness causes or still the baldness breakthrough, as happen in male with baldness testosterone. Some, experiencing female hair loss opts for women hair loss vitamins as soon as they have women hair loss symptom, as it is noted in the women hair loss project. As the best wigs and hair pieces new York, NYC, he has dedicated his life to perfect this prosthetics items, with hairstyles, haircuts, hair color, even, hair extensions for long hair and short hair, creating also a good hairspray to use on his wigs. He always is concentrating in helping cancer, chemotherapy, alopecia, baldness, trichotillomania, for patients to look and feel their best, including afro American hair women.


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